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Custom Battery System Design

Don’t ask for the battery you think you can get… ask for the battery you need.

Understanding what drives competitive advantage in our customers’ products helps to guide the development and performance goals for the batteries. In many cases the ability to operate at lighter weight, smaller sizes and lower temperatures are seen as major competitive advantages. Highly customized solutions allow these benefits to be pushed to reach or exceed targets that our customers thought were simply impossible.

Panacis designs battery systems from the foundation chemistry through to the final packaging and charging systems using proven technology. This low risk approach allows a fully integrated and optimized battery system that exceeds the performance of standard off-the-shelf batteries to be rapidly constructed and fielded.

Panacis is a “chemistry agnostic” company. We use the rechargeable battery technology and implementation that meets your requirements.

Panacis has completed many “impossible power” designs such as:

We turn energy storage into a competitive advantage for our customers.