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Military & Defense

Panacis Powerpacks are specially suited to the demanding and unique requirements of mission critical power for defense and aerospace applications. We offer both high performance products and the ability to customize our technology to meet specific requirements.

Because Panacis is “chemistry agnostic” we can choose the best rechargeable battery technology for the job and tune its performance to meet demanding requirements. This means that we can stretch Lithium ion cells to -54C for soldier applications or create a battery that can perform both engine start and silent watch functions.

Key PowerPack features:

Higher energy density and lighter weight   More energy: - for longer missions - to power more payload - to lighten the load

Intelligent, embedded, battery status control and monitoring, with information available locally or remotely   Automated energy management helps manage usage and mission priorities

Reliable performance under a wide range of operating conditions, including below -40C
and above +60C   Arctic, jungle, or desert operation

Custom and semi-custom solutions   Packaging, form factor, capacity, voltage, temperature range, and more to meet your Impossible Power requirements

Plug and Play   Hot swappable

We turn energy storage into a competitive advantage for our customers.