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Medical Powerpacks

Panacis improves the competitive advantage of your portable medical devices.

Increasingly, medical devices are being created or adapted for mobile use, requiring a strong understanding of packaging, component selection, and the power budgets that affect device utility. Panacis battery systems are exceptionally light and compact. This facilitates patient recovery by encouraging activity and mobility.


Panacis replaced a 3300 gram battery with a 340 gram battery that had similar capacity, lower maintenance, and higher overall reliability.

Panacis has developed and manufactured battery and charger systems for a number of successful medical devices and diagnostic instruments. We understand the regulatory requirements for medical devices from Class I to IV.


Panacis’ experience with medical technology comes from the design and launch of a variety of medical products including therapy devices for cerebral palsy, DNA analysis and stroke monitoring devices.


Product quality and medical regulatory compliance comes not just from the integrity of design and controls in manufacturing, but also from the overall product development process.


Panacis provides support in obtaining the regulatory approvals necessary to launch a medical product in domestic and foreign markets, which may include registration, laboratory testing, or design review. Such regulatory approvals include:

We turn energy storage into a competitive advantage for our customers.