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Energy SharePack™

Store, Deliver, Harvest, Share:  Power to the Warfighter

The Panacis Energy SharePack™ provides a complete power solution in a single, smart lithium ion device using universal bidirectional ports to deliver power, harvest/scavenge energy (recharge), and share energy (increase capacity) between SharePacks.  It is both a rechargeable battery and an energy storage management device that can perform one, some, or all of these functions continuously and simultaneously.

M4/M16 Mag and Conformal Form Factors

The SharePack comes in two form factors:  a conformal shape (side SAPI size) and a Double M16/M4 magazine pouch shape.  A 96×96 pixel LCD provides detailed information about the system including:  state of charge, mode of operation (charging,  discharging, scavenging), time to empty and full, etc

SharePack LCD Top View

There are two primary power connectors and one USB connector, which are all capable of supplying power and accepting power, thus providing 8 possible connection configurations per SharePack.  A push button provides access to different menus and controls.

Reducing the Weight Burden

SharePack tackles the high logistical weight of batteries and energy distribution (cabling) by addressing efficiency of use, which is a measure of how much energy a soldier actually uses from a set of batteries during a mission. Soldiers tend to “swap out” their batteries early meaning both non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries are often changed when they have 30-50% capacity remaining. This increases soldier burden because additional batteries need to be carried to allow early exchange of batteries.

When connected together by their primary ports, the SharePack’s battery capacity is “shared” between them.  This delivers 100% of their total energy capacity to the equipment without the need to “swap-out” during the mission.  In addition, the multiple ports on each SharePack allow multiple pieces of equipment to be connected to any SharePack anywhere on a soldier’s body. This flexibility reduces cable weight and eliminates the single point of failure of a hub.

Example SharePack Connections

Pack Rat™ Technology:  Energy From Anywhere

Efficiency of Use is further improved by the wide-input range of the power ports. The primary port allows direct connection to military vehicle batteries, high voltage solar, wind, and other in-service batteries without the need for an intermediate device.  For example, a partially discharged BB-2590 can be connected to a SharePack where its energy will be harvested and distributed amongst all the SharePacks in the system.  The low-voltage USB energy scavenging/harvesting port is also available to pull energy from a laptop computer, consumer 12V vehicle, disposable AA batteries, or any other compatible power sources.


Existing military batteries, chargers, and equipment can connect to SharePack.   The wide input power range means new energy technologies and future batteries will also be compatible.

For details and a technical specification, please contact us:  SharePackInfo

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