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Personal Power

Panacis Powerpack batteries are fully configurable to provide performance discriminators for demanding applications such as Soldier Systems and Medical equipment. Using patented, core technology, the battery design can be quickly customized for:

Download our Soldier System Powerpack brochure here in PDF.
Find out more about the Energy SharePack™.

Mobile Power

When weight and size are critical issues, Panacis’ Lithium ion mobile powerpack technology is your perfect choice for high density energy storage that achieves significant weight and space savings.

Download our UAV battery brochure here in PDF.

Field and Off-Grid Power

Panacis offers its modular PanaRay™ powerpack system for field deployments that can be scaled from small bases to trailer-based solar power generation to large remote community energy systems requiring hundreds of kilowatts.

PanaRay™ Low Voltage Energy Storage System

Download our PanaRay™ brochure here in PDF.

We turn energy storage into a competitive advantage for our customers.